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CDPAP Program | Friends & Family Get Paid

At Home Solutions is proud to introduce our participation in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP), a New York Medicaid-supported initiative that redefines homecare. This unique program empowers you, giving you the autonomy to select your own caregiver, ensuring that the care you receive is truly personalized and aligned with your specific needs.

Family & Friends as Your Caregivers

With CDPAP, we at At Home Solutions champion the belief that the best care comes from those who know you best. This program allows you to choose your caregiver, who can be a family member, friend, or neighbor, ensuring a level of comfort and understanding that is unparalleled.

Your chosen caregiver, termed a Personal Assistant (PA), will be compensated for their dedicated service. This not only underscores the value of their commitment but also strengthens the bond of care and support within your home.

How to Apply for CDPAP with At Home Solutions

Joining the CDPAP program through At Home Solutions is a straightforward process, designed to integrate seamlessly into your life. Here’s what makes you eligible:

  • Residency: You must live in New York State.
  • Medicaid Eligibility: You should be eligible for New York State Medicaid*.
  • Medical Condition: You have a stable medical condition.
  • Need for Assistance: You require help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
  • Long-term Care Eligibility: You are eligible for long-term care services.
Caregiver Eligibility

Your chosen caregiver is eligible under CDPAP if they:

  • Are family, relatives, or friends.
  • Are at least 18 years old.
  • Can legally work in the United States.
Additional Program Benefits
  • No Prior Training Required: CDPAP values the natural care provided by loved ones, so no previous training is necessary for a caregiver to start.
  • No Certification Needed: Emphasizing the importance of personalized care, there is no need for certification to become a caregiver under CDPAP.
  • Flexible Schedules: At Home Solutions understands the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible scheduling to accommodate the diverse needs of our caregivers.
Medicaid Assistance
  • If you’re not currently enrolled in Medicaid, our exceptional team at At Home Solutions is here to guide you through both the Medicaid and CDPAP application processes, ensuring you receive the support you need.

Commonly Asked Questions

What makes At Home Solutions' care programs for NHTD and TBI patients unique?

This question addresses how your agency differentiates its services from others, focusing on personalized care plans, specialized training for caregivers, and comprehensive support for patients with NHTD and TBI.

How does At Home Solutions assess the needs of someone with NHTD or TBI?

Potential clients will be interested in understanding the process for evaluating their loved one's condition and crafting a care plan that addresses their specific needs and goals.

Can At Home Solutions help with the transition from a nursing home to home for NHTD patients?

This question is vital for families considering homecare options for a loved one currently in a nursing home, detailing the support and services available to facilitate a smooth transition.

What kind of training do caregivers at At Home Solutions receive for working with TBI patients?

Assurance of quality care comes from knowing that caregivers are well-prepared to handle the unique challenges of TBI recovery, including cognitive rehabilitation, physical support, and emotional guidance.

How does At Home Solutions involve the family in the care plan for NHTD and TBI patients?

Families will want to know how they can be part of their loved one's care journey, from understanding their role in the care plan to receiving support and education to help them provide the best care at home.

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